About us

Time & Motion Pty. Limited is a boutique consulting agency offering consulting services to businesses and the public sector. We concentrate on specialised problem solving, focusing on consultative services. Our capabilities are concentrated in specialist areas, allowing us to address problems that common consulting practices overlook.

Offering specialist services, allows our clients to achieve business outcomes that are commonly overlooked, including classic time and motion studies, modern time and motion and ergonomic analysis, business process improvement (BPI), safety and risk management, environmentally leveraged business practice (ELBP), corporate anthropology, executive coaching, and training services.

Our clients represent many industries including government agencies, manufacturing, service providers, construction, chemicals, IT, engineering.

The firm was founded in 1992 and incorporated in 1993, and in its history has partnered to perform technical projects in several industries. Time & Motion now focuses on consultancy and previous clients of the technical and venture development services business are invited to contact Geekspace at http://www.geekspace.biz

Time & Motion operates on a prima gratia basis and initial consultation is without charge. New clients and existing clients are invited to contact the team to discuss their needs.